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October 2022 

“This is wonderful thank you Allison for always being here for our friends - so many of my groups have had the honor of having your in their programs and you have tailored your teaching to each group so nicely”


“Thank you so much Allison! I thought everything you had prepared to share with the girls was amazing! Thank you again.”  


Parent of Individual Client:

“He really appreciates your help and we often refer back to "What would Allison tell you" which seems to help. . .

Finally, we want to thank you and your family for last night. I am sure he was an unexpected client last night and you stayed with him for a very long time. From the bottom of our hearts we thank you for everything.”


June 2022 

Parent of Individual Client: 

“Thank you very much. He enjoys working with you. He told us that you give him hope. We thank you from the bottom of our heart for that. Yes, we will reinforce the "small victories" as we call it and help him see other options for the hiccups.” 



Virtual Brain Chat response: 

“Having both of you to myself! It was great to have the opportunity to share my families personal story and give you both a more clear picture of what L is struggling with currently. I valued the ideas shared with me to help L at home gain more social awareness through games and other everyday opportunities. I found the session very informative and helpful. Thank you!”


Parent of 5 year old:

“Based on the tools & techniques that were used inside the group, our child has definitely taken home new ways of thinking about his actions and decision making skills!!”


In-person Be You Group:

“My daughter really enjoyed going to the Be Group. She didn’t want it to end! The friendships she gained from this group were just awesome! Allison has so many great ideas and tools to help these kids navigate all the challenges that come along with growing up.”


“Allison was always a pleasure to talk to and to work with. My daughter and I look forward to hopefully working with her in the future!”



Virtual Camp Sessions Reviews

Parent: “Thank you for a great camp session! My expectations were low after school zoom sessions but you really do an excellent job keeping the kids engaged. L seemed to have a great time. It was so nice to see him being himself and not get spoken to over and over. He was comfortable in the swing and you let him be comfortable there rather than trying to change it. Everyone’s always trying to change what he gravitates to. Thank you for teaching L how to better communicate via zoom and how to interact with other kids.”


Parent: “Thank you again for offering C this opportunity. Great experience for her on so many different levels.C guided me through that pain focus relief breathing exercise you taught her. Very helpful. And it truly works.”


Kid: “I like how they made brain games into fun games!”


Parent: “My son absolutely loved this camp! The facilitators were super fun and approachable, and connected beautifully with the kids. Great pace and dynamics that allow constant participation and total engagement. The “homework” is easy to do and super meaningful to their own lives and experiences. Parents are kept on the loop in just the right measure in order to support learning and success. I couldn’t recommend it enough!!!”


Parent: “The activities and discussions helped build skills that will help my daughter as she moves through life! My daughter looked forward to these meetings each week. I could hear her giggling throughout the class and I know she enjoyed meeting the other kids and playing fun games.”

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