Connection Labs

A weekly 3rd place for kids to hang out, feel seen and heard, and practice being social!


Families have lost so much certainty during the last 6 months and our kids are feeling it too, especially teens.

Humans have a biological need for meaningful connection and with that in mind,

we are offering our virtual Connection Labs

Kids are often enjoying the moment connecting through shared experiences and common interests with peers to notice the personal social coaching they are receiving. 

For the younger crowd (ages 6-8) we are offering our Show & Share Lab that keeps kiddos thinking and moving. While tweens and teens enjoy conversation and connecting in our Social Connection Lab! 

Our 45 minute "Labs" are a monthly subscription based group that meet once a week. 


Show and Share Lab dates & times for ages 6-8 

A show and tell style group for promoting positive virtual learning experiences & improving social emotional learning skills

Weekly Options:

Tuesdays 8:00am MDT/10am EST

Wednesdays 10:00am MDT/12pm EST

Social Connection Labs dates & times for ages 8-12 & 13+
September dates coming soon!

Register Here for Social Connection Labs!


What technology do I need for the Social Connection Lab?

You'll need to use a device with a microphone and a webcam. Most laptops, tablets and phones come with built-in cameras and microphones.  If you enroll multiple kids in one group, each should have their own device.  


For everyone’s safety, we require group members in live groups to connect over video chat at each meeting at least once so we can verify each member’s identity. (We encourage group members to enable their audio/video during the rest of class to create a more social experience, but it’s not required). 

Is this just for distant learners or home school kids?

We are for everyone! If the time fits your schedule, please join us! The Social Connection Lab is for anyone who craves connection.  We are a virtual community for a social connection & learning outside of any kind of school program in a safe comfortable way. There are plenty of families who use the Social Connection Lab for supplemental learning outside of their regular school curriculum.


Do you provide discounts for siblings or multiple kids?

Yes, we offer a 10%  discount for the sibling. Our small groups focus on interaction because of this, each child should be enrolled individually.  


Are payments secure?  What are my payment options?

Payments with Successfully Social are secure.  Payments can be made via credit card and are processed by an industry-leading processor, Wave. You will be charged weekly for the next week. You can stop future charges at any time. Refunds for past charges are at the coaches’ discretion.

We are excited to be able to continue to support your family! Contact Allison with questions.

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