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Social Coaching Groups

Individual & Small Group Social Coaching

An ideal opportunity to receive in the moment coaching to address social emotional learning needs in a youth centered atmosphere. Kids are often unaware that they are being coached, as they are having fun with their peers playing, brainstorming or creating.

Groups consist of 2-4 like minded peers who have been thoughtfully brought together. Social coaches take into consideration age, social development, cognitive profile, as well as strengths and interests when finding the right group for your child.

 Social Skill Focus includes:

  • Developing tools for self-regulation

  • Increasing perspective taking abilities

  • Improving flexible, interactive thinking skills

  • Increasing ability to collaborate with a group (effective communication)

  • Broaden awareness & understanding of social nuances

To vibe with the times, all coaching sessions now have the option of being held both virtually and in person depending on the needs of the group.

Individual Coaching available for ages 3-adult.

Small Group Coaching available for ages 4-18.


Executive Function Coaching

Learn useful strategies to complete a variety of task with independence and ease. 

Skill Focus:

  • Positive Self-talk Strategies

  • Visualizing a Goal-Big Picture Thinking

  • Prioritizing tasks & time management

  •  Planning the steps to complete an assignment

  • Breaking down school assignments into manageable parts


In School Support 

An opportunity to receive direct coaching at your child's school to help navigate difficult transitions or specific times throughout the day . . . ugh, that dreaded recess period!! 

Virtual Consulting for Parents

Does it sometimes seem like your work life easier than home life?

Do you ever wish for your own personal Mary Poppins to show up?

We love our kids but it can be very challenging to figure out bedtime routines, create smooth transitions or just get through dinner without a meltdown. 

Technology has opened up a world of opportunity especially for parents. Being able to call a coach or video chat is a more comfortable and convenient way to connect. A chance to talk through specific challenges and receive personalized problem solving approaches to restore peace and calm the chaos at home.

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