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I'm Allison, co-founder of Successfully Social and I am absolutely in love with what I do!  


My experience as a Special Education Teacher paired with my experience as a Social Coach at Social Thinking has fueled my passion for continued work with all types of learners.


Being social is hard and extremely challenging in this fast paced, now heavily virtual based, social world. Trying to keep up at times, can seem impossible and take a huge toll on our mental wellness.


Successfully Social was born out of a desire to help fill in the missing piece for those who struggle socially and increase their mental wellness. We help people increase their ability to listen to their own brain and what works best as well as deepen their understanding of social nuances to confidently navigate a variety of social situations.


If you have a quirky kid that could use support, please reach out. Thanks for reading, I hope to hear from you!


Peace, Love & Laughter,


Coach Allison H. Marean, M.Ed., BCCS

With over fifteen years of experience, dedicated to working with individuals from all walks of life Allison’s patience, creative style, engaging and natural approach makes her a sought after Social Cognitive Specialist. 

After earning a bachelor’s degree in Communication Sciences from the University of Connecticut, Allison headed to Boston where she began her teaching career in the Boston Public School system. While teaching, she earned her Master’s degree in Special Education from Lesley University in Cambridge, Massachusetts.


In 2009, her love of snowboarding and sense of adventure drew her to Denver, Colorado where she continued her teaching career for 5 more years. Working with people with a variety of learning styles, sparked interest in the area of social cognitive learning.

Allison once again, decided to increase her skills and student loans, by earning an Autism Graduate Certificate from Regis University. This opened yet another door for working more closely with the Autism community and those who struggle socially.


Always eager to learn more, Allison attended the Social Thinking® Clinical Training program at the Boston clinic in Sudbury, Massachusetts where she fell even harder for social learning. Together with her friend Breann, they opened their labor of love, Successfully Social Colorado.

In 2016, embracing life’s turn of events and back on the east coast, Allison worked for Social Thinking Boston® as a Social Cognitive Specialist for 3 years. Always marching to the beat of her own drum and wanting to positively impact her own community, Allison decided to once again, follow her heart and open Successfully Social New England!

When Allison is not coaching you can find her laughing outside with her family, running up route 31, feeding her chickens or tending to her garden. 

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Successfully Social Colorado to New England

How we got here...

Successfully Social was born out of a desire to create a place where individuality is celebrated and people not only walk away with invaluable tools for navigating social situations but more importantly--increased self-confidence and a strong sense of self worth. 

Allison Marean & Breann Colpitts knew from the first time they met that they wanted to collaborate to create a positive change for people from all walks of life.


From coworkers at a small, neighborhood public school in Westminster, Colorado to friends & first time mamas trying to figure out life with littles they jumped--heart first & proudly opened Successfully Social Colorado in 2014.


Although Allison & Breann now reside in different time zones, they continue to blaze a trail together by frequently collaborating to  improve upon their respective communities by connecting people through

Laughter Yoga and enriching time zone breaking social experiences!

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