Spring 2021

who can benefit from social coaching?

Individuals, as young as 3 years old, with solid language and learning abilities can benefit from participation in social learning groups. No diagnosis is needed however, delays or weakness in these areas are often associated with:



Autism Spectrum Disorder

Nonverbal Learning Disorder

Social Communication Disorder

Those identified with social anxiety, twice exceptionality, gifted & talented may also exhibit challenges in these areas.

do you accept health insurance?

We do not accept health insurance because our services are more educational in nature. 

to get started

Call 203.907.9398 or email to set up a consultation.


To begin coaching services, please read through, fill out and send the completed 

Enrollment Forms along with the enrollment fee to Allison Marean.

Any questions please email us

Thank you!

We are happy to have you and your family as a part of our

Successfully Social Community!

learn more about social learning

Helpful resources for parents & guardians to learn more about social competencies.  


from Social Thinking®:


The Social Competency Model :Teaching Social Competencies More Than Social Skills

Worth watching that explains "the four step developmental process to help students evolve in their social competencies."

Please note, you do have to create an account but it is free and there are so many more free, helpful resources on that website that are worth watching and reading. 


The Updated & Expanded Social Thinking-Social Competency Model 

an article explaining the Social Competency Model© and how sensory processing, anxiety and screen time can impact social learning. 


Social Thinking and Applied Behavior Analysis- "not black and white"

a great article that gives insight to the similarities and differences between Social Thinking and ABA.

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