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Creating Community

We demonstrate our love for the world and dedication to our community

by giving back in ways that promote happiness, health & peace for all.


Truly passionate about fostering friendships & creating community, 

you will often find us spreading our love by offering groups, at no cost for participants,

such as Laughter Yoga, Kind Kid clubs and 'Imagine' for early learners, offered at local libraries.


Also, keep an eye out for us in bright green shirts participating in a litter clean-up or 

smiling among the books while supporting our local library programs.

Be sure to sign up for our newsletter so you can join in the future fun!

Keeping it clean!

Adopt-A-Road in Colorado

Virtual Laughter Yoga

Quarantine Laughter

Just doing our part!

Ashby Town Cleanup

Peace Book Tree

Festival of Trees at the Townsend Public Library

Camp Tees

Camp Tees

Collaborating for the greater good!


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